So back in 1997 I went to my astrologer, Lynn Hammond Gray as I did every year right after my birthday. Lynn said, your going to a foreign country in May…I said sure from your lips to God’s ears. This was my situation at the time…I was fat, real fat I weighed in at 270 lbs., and started the Aquarius newspaper in June 1993. I had no money, owned and ran a bookstore called SunGlo, and didn’t know day by day if either one would survive. OH, I also had chronic back pain and could hardly get up from a sitting position. 

So, Lynn says, Gloria I don’t want you to take this lightly because this is a twelve year cycle, and where ever your going (Which I don’t know) the people you meet there will be in your life the rest of your life. I said, OK and went on my way. Well this was mid February 1997, and shortly after that I received a post card from a very good friend Michael Lightweaver, and lo and behold it was from the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem. I read the card and it just said Hello, nothing  much else, but I thought it strange because I thought about what Lynn said and the only place I would love to go to was the wailing wall. If given the chance I would do that! A couple weeks went by and I called Michael for something unrelated but asked him, Why did you contact me from Israel. He said he was meditating on the Mount of Olives and they, you know Spirit came through and said contact Gloria, so he did…While we were on the phone he said he was taking 1-8 people back there mid May…He said there was a healing symposium in the Jerusalem mid May.  Oh hell, I knew I was one of them. Simply put, I went, bad back and all, no money, but I still had credit that I readily used, and I was off….When I landed there was a lady named Debra Silver that greeted me with a cup of coffee and a smile and it was like meeting a sister from a different mother, a new best friend. Call it what you want but Deb and I have been great friends for the last eighteen years. I’ll be blogging everyday by 11:11 as I’ve been instructed to do. Visit me and listen into the “Psychic Bartender Show” on Wednesday 11:11 at 11:11

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