I hope and pray that people will NOT shop on Thanksgiving Day..Why, well, because its the best holiday of the year. The dinner is cheap, if every shares and brings something to the table, this can be a inexpensive meal and hundreds can be feed. It brings together a wonderful feeling of fulfillment that only comfort food has to offer without the economic pressures that most other holidays bring. Thanksgiving is the one day that we share the day…yes with comfort food, good fellowship, an easy way to invite people without expectation and offer a family atmosphere and a caring heart. A way to be excited about life and a whole day to just hang out and be. I often think about the things we can do to change the world for the better in any small way. I am totally behind retailers closing on Thanksgiving Day.. Why should I get JUST an hour or two with those I love because the day wasn’t set aside to just be. What was so important that a retailer needed my love one more than his or her family enjoying them and having a the day with them???Absolutely nothing, not one dollar spent that day could possible replace the time shared with the family. People travel, brothers and sisters reunite with time for stories, and to recall family history. ¬†In our crazy world this time is needed more than ever. The sharing process, the rebuilding, re-bonding within the family unit needs time to see and feel the undertones of our personality. Maybe its a sister that brings her new husband, maybe no-one knows him? Do you think sitting down a table for chit-chat is getting to know him? Absolutely not, but sharing time throughout the day can… the mom in the kitchen that sees his willingness to help out, take out a bag of garbage, all the little things picked up through the day is what shows the character of a person. Enjoying a ball-game bonding with the men, watching how someone responds to the children around can help you sense that he would make a good father…Many, many things show up and this is called bonding. This is one small example why the day is needed just to be. JUST SAY NO SHOPPING…I say IF we all refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day, and then we reward the retailers that close on Thanksgiving by making a point to Thank Them for not being greedy and spend some money with them, we can stop the way we push through our holidays, They are so stressful for so many people and the hustle bustle can be calmed down if we create it the way we want it. No Shopping on Thanksgiving, period!…Shop till you DROP, on Black Friday’s the sales will be even more amazing!…My Favorite, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY…I was a bookstore owner and if we all knew the impact you make just by picking up a book, or buying a ¬†calendar, or any ten dollar item from local moms and pops establishments instead of the big guys, you would be amazed. It literally keeps their doors open. There is NO other store down the road that had a good day and will share the expenses, there isn’t mega bucks in the corporation, no its just them hoping they didn’t make a wrong decision to take out the loan for this one. So please support Small Business Saturday, and remember them all year round. The best gifts, most unique things are found by creative people that own them. We can do this, just me and you, and by doing this we honor all our relationships, especially the one with ourselves.

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Birthdays are awesome..They are the best way to appreciate someone for entering another lifetime, and allowing us to share it with you.