There is 7.3 Billion people so imagine all of them loving each other..I have a feeling that once the cancerous, ruthless, radicals are gone, and they will be now that the world understands the problem, we will allow the 5th dimension that unites us more than our minds can imagine. The Global war will win..and there will be Peace On Earth. 

I will always believe the way to have a united world is to allow the people to vote, live where they want to, support who they like, but doing so with boundaries and respect. When a virus like Isis pops up, together we go in together and wipe it out. It could take some time to Wipe It Out completely, but is there any doubt we can do it. I don’t believe the US, or Israel, or France, can do it…not alone but together nothing is impossible. I just pray our leaders will put aside ego’s and work together.

In the darkness of the times comes the light of tomorrow and I personally see a chance to share with other countries and learn from each other. The US is big and powerful, but we are not the leaders in education, ( I think we are 17th in the developed world) we are not the leaders in innovation. We are BIG and that makes us powerful, I agree with that, but the US needs to stop taking stupid pills and lead the way where we have a workable plan that excites all the world leaders because they know their role, and can see the winning line. If they know and believe, if they commit to doing their part, and  understand the other players, that we can win over Isis and all their evil thinking.  I’ve run a few businesses in my day..You take the job, come in on time, you trust the others do that to, and the pieces come together like a fine swiss clock and the job is done without a glitch. The end product is victory and never before have we needed to have total communication and co-operation between all the Nations of the world.

Our role is to care about each other. Think about it..Do you have to wait until its your son or daughter that’s gone? Does that need to happen before it is real to you? 129 souls, all taken by evil people that truly think they will be going to a better place, screw virgins, and be rewarded for the evil deeds they did! How in the hell do you wrap your head around that? I don’t like it but I don’t believe there is a place for them here on Earth. I don’t believe we can afford to think we can, WHAT, rehabilitate them? Not when we all wait to see who’s next?

Come on World, leaders we are all counting on you. Stop the politics and use your brain to build on the idea at hand, and make an idea better regardless of who’s idea it is.

We need all of you. Please save our kids. Peace on Earth and Love to France.

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