I live in gratitude everyday. We all should you know. Its the best way to express love for lots of things, and people and it keeps you humble. I worked the psychic fair without my friends Caroline and DeWayne Lusky yesterday for the very first time in over 25 years. Can you imagine that? I have missed around 3-5 fair myself over the years, but, I’ve never worked the fairs without one of them by my side. This is the ultimate showing of loyalty, and I appreciate them and missed them yesterday. I hope they are having a blast on the Oasis cruise ship and enjoying great weather. I had a great day myself yesterday and was surprised with a gift delivered by my two friends Carla and Marguerete in support of my new radio show starting on 11:11 at 11:11am.. It was a good luck, blessing as they said, from two of your fans. But OMG, this was a gorgeous necklace that I will enjoy the rest of my life…Thank You girls.. I’m off to work the “BIG PSYCHIC FAIR” come by if you can…Its a great time and thank you Anna for hanging out with me at the pay table, your help and support was needed and appreciated.

The Psychic Bartender Show airs on Wednesday 11:11 @ 11:11am

call in # 646-668-2793

more about this tomorrow and what you can expect and where you can come to support this in person, I KNOW WE WILL DISCUSS THE 11:11, A VERY IMPORTANT PORTAL…