I’m so excited. Why, well because  “The Psychic Bartender Show” is going very well, and is fun for me. I’m so happy to share my knowledge in the study of numbers and how numbers work in your life. Numbers are not a new modality for me…I’ve been doing them for 30 years, but many people don’t know it because with a very busy schedule, in the past owning a retail store, then starting the Aquarius newspaper, and of course starting the psychic fairs, I just never had time to do readings for people. I was always promoting others and their reading skills, because this is also what I do. I’ve been doing the “Big Psychic Fair” since 1990, thats 25 years, and each month we offer the best psychics in Atlanta at Harmony Place, the blue barn in Roswell.. The papers been sold and now I am working with Spirit, to discover what I will do next? The radio being another media source has intrigued me, but you never know until you do it, if its your thing or not? I’m a natural because if I’m running my mouth, thats my thing, lol

So, here’s the deal…I was wrong in thinking the universe was pushing me into a show everyday..YIKES! that is allot… then I was wrong thinking it would be 11:11 each day, then I was wrong thinking I would do a 45 minute show, that I wouldn’t do readings, and then I got it…

I start the show every Wednesday at 11:11, I do readings, and they wanted me to start the show on 11:11..November 11, 2015, so I did.. I’ve often said “they” mess with us, have fun nudging us with clues and dangling hints all around us..UGH, I just want them to be clearer, but then the fun for them goes away, so I’ll suffer through and play their game. The thing I don’t want is to piss them off, let them go silent and leave me. I love knowing the angels, archangels, all the heavenly beings are working with me, for me, for the highest good of all. We are all here for one thing…We are leaning lessons, period! We are paying and creating Karma that we ultimately repay or awards for, and some days we win and other days we pay back..Some of the times its from another lifetime. As disturbing and complicated as it gets the simplicity is also complex. The mystery of it all is why I stay.

Blessings, to you, and one more thing..I will post by number, not each day..