Yesterday we used the barn to put together all the name tags for Speakers, vendors, ISTA staff, volunteers, etc….This event is going to be amazing. World known Speakers, 30+ vendors, music performances, a fabulous silent auction, and so much more that I won’t try to be politically correct and mention it all, but instead I’ll just send you to the website:
Pick one or more things to attend. The general admission is only $10.00 just for the vendors hall, (what I call a mini expo). This will also give you access for a great deal at the silent auction. All I can say is this will be a great time and also a great honor to be with all the brilliant minds that understand how sound works. For years I have recommended music for the person that sits in traffic on a daily basis. We don’t realize in our busy worlds how tight and geared up we are. Now,I haven’t sat in traffic in years but I remember it. When I was a bartender back in the 70’s, I drove 44 miles one way to work. No-one told me a warm tub of water, some epson salts and ground ginger would take away the soreness in my body..nor …did I know I could listen to some soft music that is designed to heal the body, mind or soothe my spirit.. Steven Halpern will be a speaker at the Cymatics Conference this weekend. Try his amazing CD, Chakra Suite here.
Anyway, thanks for reading…don’t forget the “Big Psychic Fair is this weekend as well..
Remember your life, my life is in flux…always changing, always new beginnings and endings…Life happens in the middle thats why we are always searching for balance.
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