Yesterday I replied to a FB post from We stand with Israel, I said there will come a day that all countries will stand together and stop the evil on the planet. I said all countries will watch the world change, and as divided as Isis tries to make us this will backfire on them 1000 fold, because they will force us all to come together. The world sets back and lets the US lead, and parts of that we do enjoy…but that can’t work anymore. The US ego understands we must have all the countries doing more. NO one country can fix this. We must unite against all evil and define that evil as any country that kills at will, and teaches their children to hate others. Mocking and disrespecting peoples right to choice in every way, their sexual preferences, their right to choose religion, their right to vote, etc…I have thought this must be a God job. I believe that God, Goddess, all there is, is ultimately in charge of everything. I believe when people are stumped and can’t fix a problem, that its part of God’s plan that offers up a solution. I said that all countries will beg for forgiveness for all the wrongs, intentional and unintentional that we have all done to one another. All countries will beg their neighbors for a chance for Peace and Israel will show us how, because that’s who they are. We learn from them over and over and as the chosen people that’s all they want is Peace.. We have seen the root of evil and we can identify it, and it is a global problem. Together we can destroy them and gain a united coalition that truly makes us closer and shares the common goal of pure decency amongst human beings.

I pray for the souls that crossed over, and  those families that were destroyed last night in Paris. I know the devastation of hearing that horrible news that your loved one is gone. Not only was 128 people killed, but there were almost 200 injured, and each one of them has family, friends, that cares about them and will have re-occuring emotions that will stay with them forever. We missed an opportunity to bring the world leaders together after our attack on 9/11, I hope we will share our brains and hearts and kill the evil on earth.

You are welcome to leave a comment….I will not post this on FB, but I will post my website and that I have written if anyone cares to read it. Thanks Gloria