I want to write daily, but I missed yesterday and didn’t feel guilty at all…well, almost at all, but maybe just a little. It’s hard to break old pattern and determine is this a promise I made, a commitment I shouldn’t have made, or just me/you not allowing a change in your life. Well, I’m using you and this venue to work it out, you can play along with me if you’d like.

I miss writing, after writing a editorial every month for 22 years…I don’t like the politically correctness that says don’t misspell, don’t use a wrong adjective, don’t curse, don’t use to many dot, dot, dot’s or exclamation points! But, I’m looking for a way to express and I think I’m on the right track and need this media and will add radio. Just to catch you up,
I did “The Psychic Bartender” show on 11:11 at 11:11 AM, it went very well. Anna B from Universal Energy Radio that I’m apart of, said it was great. I did many readings, and some people waited in the chat room for 45 minutes to talk with me. You know this is new for me, I have no idea how it really works, but with Anna’s help I did a two hour show and it felt like time flew by. We had people waiting and not all had a chance to receive their free reading. The way I like to live with spirit is to take two steps forward, and one back (when I think I know what I’m doing) otherwise I take one step forward and two back) and wait for a sign, or message or some form of guidance from the other dimensions. ¬†Call that what ever??? but I can promise you when you stop to listen you will hear…This is often referred to as a form of Meditation. Meditation was once just theory, but now it’s a ¬†fact as universities have done the studies and found this practice could help you get centered (balanced) and this can help many issue get resolution. Anyway, I’m just going to play radio and let the universe direct the show to be the best from me to the best of you, Namaste, my friends, have a blessed day!

Closer to the next show I will post the call-in phone number.