Finally…Don’t you wish the other side, the angels, Spirit, God,  or what ever you’ve named your higher power, would speak clearer. I mean really! They can be so disruptive by keeping you awake all night, drop pennies for attention, infuse the room with a scent that isn’t a smell that you recognize or can describe, but they can’t give a  clear message. Oh well, this rant comes because this summer I was given a nudge to start a radio show…It took some weeding through because at first I thought it was to be with Aquarius??? After Aquarius was sold there was talk about this…Well that didn’t happen and I waited for further instruction. Then I heard start on 11:11, and thought they wanted me to use 11:11. Then I met Anna from Universal Energy Radio and thought she is the real deal, heart centered and  very sweet lady, and it was coming together and ready to go…well, not so fast. My business card says The PsychicBartender Radio Show, call in show, etc…but because I don’t read spirit-signs very well sometimes I mis-read and they were not saying 11:11 everyday (which is very ambitious) but they were saying 11:11 on the 11:11. NEXT WEDNESDAY. I won’t bore you with the other-side shenanigans that happened to finally make me think this show was about to start, and with “Their” blessings. Don’t we all want to work with “Spirit”? Well, I do, and I AM GLORIAPARKER.COM, at your service. Tune in on 11:11, or better yet come by Harmony Place the blue barn and sit in, ask questions and make history with us.

My intention is to write a daily blog, and air the radio show once a week until further instruction. So people bare with me, I’m learning , but I can promise some good information and some really good co-hosts on the radio with me.

Call in here: 646-668-2793

Knowledge is Power.

Let the fun begin on 11:11 on 11:11